New Safety and Pressure Relief Valves

As well as servicing existing relief valves, we are able to advise and supply new valves. We have developed strong links with many of the worlds major relief valve manufacturers, which allows us to offer competitive prices for new valves.

The range of valves we offer are available in many different materials, including bronze, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel and exotic materials as well, with a wide selection of connections and sealing materials, so whatever your requirement, we can offer a valve to suit.

The manufacturers we deal with include :-

  • Ari Armaturen
  • Auld Valves
  • Bailey Birkett
  • Broady
  • Crosby
  • Hopkinson
  • Goetze
  • Leser
  • Farris
  • Nabic
  • Niezgodka
  • Seetru
  • VYC

New Multi Purpose Safety Relief Valves for Liquid, Gas & Steam Applications

This new range of safety valves are suitable for a wide variation of flow characteristics, coping with both low volume and high relief capacity applications.

The single trim design means that the components are all common across liquid, gas and steam, which means any LGS valve can be used for any of these applications.

This range of valves are designed for ease of maintenance, with a simple construction and a low number of easily dismantled components – the seal, disc and lift aid are designed to be readily replaced as a single low cost spares kit.

Same day despatch available if required.