New Valves

Alongside our valve servicing, we are able to advise, supply and install new valves. We have developed strong partnerships with many of the World’s major valve manufacturers. We also provide a wide range of system ancillaries, including corrosion resistant lined valves, steam traps, boiler cocks, gauges, boiler spares, pipes and fittings.

Our range of valves includes the following:

Gate, Globe, Check and Plug Valves from:-

  • Ari Armaturen
  • Armstrong
  • Alco
  • Bonney Forge
  • Hattersley
  • Heaton
  • Crane
  • Velan
  • Xomox

Control Valves from:-

  • Ari Armaturen
  • Seven Glocon
  • Fisher
  • Honeywell
  • Foxboro

Marine Valves from:-

  • Deckwash
  • Sea Chest

Ball Valves from:-

  • Apollo Cornbracco
  • Mars Worcester
  • Serck Audco
  • Zipson

Butterfly valves from:-

  • Audco
  • Bray
  • Wouter Wizel

Pneumatic actuators from:-

  • Bray
  • Kinetrol